The Revolution of Color in the Coil Coating Industry: From Colorimeters to the System Rainbow

In the coil coating industry, precise color measurement is crucial for maintaining consistent and high-quality products. Traditional colorimeters have been the standard tool for this purpose, but new advancements like the System Rainbow offer superior performance and efficiency. This article explores the differences between these technologies and highlights the benefits of the System Rainbow. 


Understanding Colorimeters 

A colorimeter is an essential device used to measure and analyze the color of various substances or materials. It operates by measuring the amount of light absorbed, reflected, or transmitted by the object and then comparing these data to pre-established color standards. 


In the coil coating industry, colorimeters ensure that the colors used in the coating process are consistent and meet required quality standards, crucial for uniformity and customer satisfaction. 





Limitations of Colorimeters 

However, colorimeters have some disadvantages compared to more advanced technologies available today. These include: 


  • Lower accuracy in color measurement 


  • Single point measurements 


  • Inability to detect subtle differences in color shades 


  • Lack of capability to perform measurements on irregular or non-uniform surfaces 


  • Sensitivity to ambient light 


  • Need for regular maintenance, including auto-calibration and sensor cleaning 


  • Despite their widespread use, these limitations make colorimeters less suitable for advanced applications. 



Introducing the System Rainbow: Precision and Speed in Color Measurement 

The Rainbow in-line color measurement system revolutionizes color measurement with its advanced technology. Unlike traditional colorimeters, the System Rainbow uses laser technology to capture color from any angle and surface in real time, without interrupting the production line. 


System Rainbow
System Rainbow



Key Advantages of the System Rainbow

  • 100% Production Inspection: The System Rainbow ensures comprehensive coverage, creating a digital roadmap of color measurements and detecting deviations accurately. 


  • Non-Contact Measurement: Utilizing laser technology, the System Rainbow measures color without requiring contact with the surface, eliminating issues related to ambient light interference. 


  • Efficient and Fast: The system scans three different zones in just two seconds per sample, offering rapid and precise results. 


  • Low Maintenance: With auto-calibration and minimal maintenance requirements, the System Rainbow reduces the operational burden compared to traditional colorimeters. 


  • Integrated Technology: The System Rainbow includes its computer with a user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for external connections to export data. 



Experience the System Rainbow

For an in-depth understanding of Rainbow’s capabilities, we invite you to read our article, “In-line Color Measurement Solution With Non-Contact, More Speed and Accuracy.” This article explains how we achieve precise color measurement using supercontinuum laser white light. 



Contact and Demonstrations 

The System Rainbow represents the future of in-line color measurement. If you are considering incorporating this cutting-edge technology into your production line, contact us to learn about our offers and arrange a demonstration, either online or in person, to see how our machine works in real time. 

Innovation and precision in color measurement are within your reach with the System Rainbow. Contact us today and elevate your coil coating process to the next level!